Zcash | Crypto Payment Startup MoonPay Hires Ex-Coinbase President as Its COO

Crypto Payment Startup MoonPay Hires Ex-Coinbase President as Its COO

The current MoonPay COO Jim Esposito did not provide any comments on the announcement, and it is unclear if he is staying at the company or not. 

MoonPay, financial technology company that provides crypto payment solutions, has welcomed on board Asiff Hirji, former Coinbase Inc (NASDAQ: COIN) president. Asiff Hirji will serve as MoonPay Chief Operating Officer (COO), bringing his great expertise in blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) to MoonPay’s operation. The startup focuses on increasing crypto adoption and aims to be the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure company. Thus, Asiff Hirji will be a perfect fit for MoonPay.

Asiff Hirji has been keeping an eye on MoonPay’s business since its launch, and now he has got an exciting opportunity to join the startup.

Hirji commented:

“MoonPay is competitively positioned to push forward mainstream Web3 adoption, and I’m looking forward to bringing my expertise and insights to their leadership team to further advance the company’s mission.”

Prior to joining MoonPay, Asiff Hirji was the president of Figure, a company that transforms financial services through blockchain technology. Besides, from 2017 to 2019, Hirji was serving as President & Chief Operating Officer of Coinbase, the world’s leading cryptocurrency company. Hirji managed to scale the company over 40x in volumes and bring its revenue to $1 billion. He was also at the dawn of launching Coinbase’s new products and expanding to new countries. Prior to Coinbase, Hirji was an Operating Advisor with Andreessen Horowitz from October 2016 to December 2017, Chief Restructuring Officer of Hewlett Packard Inc (NYSE: HPQ) from November 2014 to March 2017, and served as President and COO of TD Ameritrade from July 2005 to October 2006.

MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright stated:

“Our mission has always been rooted in onboarding the world to Web3, and with recent hires like that of Asiff Hirji, we feel more confident than ever that we are getting closer to that goal.”

The current MoonPay COO, Jim Esposito, did not provide any comments on the announcement, and it is unclear if he is staying at the company or not.

Earlier this month, MoonPay appointed former Blockchain.com Chief Legal and Administrative Officer Lindsey Haswell as its Chief Legal Officer. Besides, it hired José Nuño, payments veteran and former VP at Wyre and Checkout.com, as Director of Sales Strategy.

About MoonPay

Launched in 2019, MoonPay is a fintech company that builds payment infrastructure for the crypto market and acts as a gateway to digital assets. MoonPay is active in more than 160 countries and is trusted by more than 300 leading wallets, websites, and applications to accept payments and defeat fraud.

Initially, MoonPay started its journey as a fintech player allowing users to buy crypto products by using fiat currencies. Over the last year, MoonPay has been making a move in the Web3 space.

Recently, MoonPay partnered with the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Magic Eden to introduce new payment options for the purchase of digital collectibles. Besides, MoonPay announced a strategic partnership with LooksRare, an Ethereum network-based NFT marketplace, to allow LooksRare users to buy and sell crypto assets through the MoonPay payment infrastructure.


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