Blockchain | Bybit and Talos partner for institutions to easily explore digital assets, improve retail user experience

Bybit and Talos partner for institutions to easily explore digital assets, improve retail user experience

Bybit, a cryptocurrency exchange, and Talos, a provider of institutional digital asset trading technology, have partnered, per a press release on Mar. 2.

Bybit and Talos join hands to enhance user experience

Following this deal, Bybit will have better access to institutions looking to explore and delve into the crypto space through Talos. At the same time, the move will significantly boost Bybit’s real-time liquidity, enhancing user experience.

The partnership combines Talos’ infrastructure platform and Bybit’s diverse crypto assets and enterprise solutions. This includes leveraging the exchange’s high-precision trading execution. 

Bybit offers a wide range of institutional services, including extending specialized loans, provision of API capabilities, high-power infrastructure, and a unified trading account.

Commenting on this partnership, Ben Zhou, the co-founder and CEO of Bybit, said they would now provide institutions seeking secure yet reliable channels of exploring cryptocurrencies with a fast and trustworthy avenue of getting exposure via Talos.

“Bybit understands the burgeoning demand for advanced trading solutions required by increasingly sophisticated institutions as they pursue growth opportunities in cryptocurrency. We are excited to partner with Talos to facilitate fast, trustworthy, and secure access to digital asset investments.”

Meanwhile, Talos’ CEO and co-founder, Anton Katz, said their partnership with Bybit will expand their execution capabilities while expanding their options to engage with top-tier clients.

“The partnership with Bybit allows us to extend our execution capabilities for clients further, providing them with expanded options to engage and transact with the top destinations in the industry. At Talos, we’re always looking to expand our connectivity through smart integrations like the one we now have with Bybit. The robustness of offerings on Bybit provides our users with a broad range of execution functionality to enhance quality, depth, and breadth across their trade activity.”

Increasing market share and improving reserve transparency

In 2022, during the crypto winter when user activity was depressed, Bybit increased its market share. At one point, it became the second largest exchange by volumes in the futures and perpetual trading category. By January 2023, Bybit has expanded its derivatives market share, increasing to 14.6%. Following their integration of Talos services, Ben Zhou said their trading operations would be more streamlined and stand to serve their institutional clients better.

Speaking during the Blockchain Life 2023 in Dubai, Ben Zhou said centralized exchanges could leverage the transparent nature of blockchains to make their reserves even more evident. As part of their steps to boost confidence and remain transparent, Bybit has integrated a proof of reserves system that uses the Merkle Tree.

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