Crypto Market | Apple Blocks Uniswap’s Crypto Wallet

Apple Blocks Uniswap’s Crypto Wallet

Big tech giant Apple has had a troublesome relationship with the crypto industry, which could further worsen by a new decision. The company behind developing the Ethereum-based decentralized exchange, Uniswap Labs, announced a mobile wallet.

The company’s Twitter handle revealed that its new product is self-custodial and open-sourced. The mobile wallet was launched for iOS devices as a limited early release. Uniswap Labs stated: “We’re bringing the power of Uniswap to your pocket.”

Apple’s Feud With Crypto Industry Intensifies

The new Uniswap wallet is compatible with the Ethereum second-layer scalable solution, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. The wallet will allow users to control their assets and transact with any token under the ERC-20 format.

In addition, users will have access to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), follow other wallets to track their activity, discover new tokens, and more. On the company’s decision to launch the product as a limited early release, Uniswap Labs said:

So why a limited early release from a team committed to access for anyone? Simply put, Apple won’t green-light our launch, & we don’t know why. We submitted our mobile app months ago—and even though we are 100% compliant with their specifications, we’re still stuck in limbo.

In that sense, this version of their product is part of a strategy to provide a first iteration of the wallet while the company and users “wait together on Apple.” According to the big tech giant’s rules, the wallet will allow 10,000 people to access the product.

In an official post, the crypto company added:

instead of waiting alone, we thought it would be more fun to wait together, with a few thousand Testflight users. That means it’s functionally the same, safe to use, and can be updated to the App Store version after Apple approves it. We like Apple products — that’s why we built our wallet for iOS. But this experience has reminded us why we got into building open, accessible technology in the first place.

More Announcements Incoming

The crypto company will share early access to its mobile wallet at the Ethereum Denver event. Users in the vicinity can stop by the company’s booth to receive one of these accesses across their social media channels.

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UNI’s price with small losses on the daily chart. Source: UNIUSDT Tradingview

In addition, the crypto company claims that it will make further announcements once Apple clears its product. They concluded:

We have so many exciting features in store. But we can’t deliver it to everyone until Apple gives us the green light. Follow us on Twitter to get TestFlight access links and download the wallet.

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